About Robert and Susan

Published October 25, 2017

For enjoyment, Susan plays the piano and guitar, and she reads continually. Her life centers around our three children and two grandsons, Jonathan and Luke. She likes to sew, quilt, watch adventure movies, and we both love Mexican food. Susan has always enjoyed music, sports, and for fun, she plays in a fantasy football league with our oldest son Marc.

For enjoyment, and professionally, Bob plays the drums. Even though his father was a coach, Bob chose a career in music. He started a band two years ago, but after a year, it fizzled out. After 65 years of not knowing how to read music, he started piano lessons. Bob is the one who likes to write, and Susan tolerates it. He loves sports, especially football. The Denver Broncos have replaced the Nebraska Cornhuskers as his favorite pastime. Bob and Susan have been season ticket holders for the Denver Broncos since 1972. He is thinking about starting another band. It will be original music this time around.

Both Bob and Susan enjoy hiking and snowshoeing in the mountains. They ride their bikes every day for exercise and sunshine. They have joined a local Toastmasters Club in their hometown of Parker, Colorado, to help prepare them to give talks, and book readings.